Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Friday, December 05, 2008

My Christmas Wish

I really stink at this blog thing! LOL

Emily has had 2 hospital stays this year. The most recent, was last month And, she is wheezing, again. My ped sent us to a pulmonologist on Wednesday. After having her blow in this machine for 3 different tests, her long function was normal! NORMAL MY ASS!! But, he did say he could hear her wheeze.

So, he put her on another med for her neb, said just use it if I think she's in distress. BULL!! Well, the med (which I can't think of the name) isn't to treat asthma! It's to prevent it.

So, I called the peds nurse - ask her to pass on what the pulmo said. Then, of course on Thursday, she is worse. Call ped back. Nurse said "Dr. C said when you called back today, because he knew Emily would be worse, to call the pulmo." Called pulmo, he puts on her more freaking predisone. GRR!!!!

Emily goes to school today. Wonderful school nurse calls me, to make sure what time to do Emily's treatments. That was this morning. She calls back after afternoon treatment to tell me she sounds better than yesterday.

Emily texted me on the bus to tell me she got a solo in the concert Tuesday! YIPPIE!! Then, I call her and ask if she feels better, she says "a little." I ask if she wants to go shopping for new shirts. She tried 4 on this morning, all relatively new, all too tight. Freaking prednisone. Cried all the way to school - trying to cover up with her coat. She wants to go shopping- will see if she is really breathing better when I get home.

Allergist appointment on Dec 23. Not expecting anything, nothing before. But, am hoping for something so we can at least put a trigger on this.

Braces on Dec 29th.

My Christmas wish - that God would take this wheezing away from Emily!! FOREVER! AMEN!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The end of another school year

The school Emily has been at this year is just a 6th grade school. It has been absolutely wonderful. The staff is outstanding. And to think how much I hated it when I was there but that was because I had switched schools 3 times in 2 years.

Today when I pulled into the car pool line I noticed it was unusually long and slowwww. The line loops all the way arund from one side of the school to the other. At the back there is always a joke of the day (usually lame) and the answer it at the drop off. Today, instead of the joke, there were signs all along. They said stuff like "Have a great summer!" "Thanks for a great year!" "Good luck at IMS/CRMS." "Now it's time to say good bye." And the last one was "We're ready to be in our jammies."

Then, I got to the drop off and realized why the line was moving so slow and so long - those crazy teachers were out there in their jammies, waving signs and hooting and hollering!!!

I'm so gonna miss this school - but I will be back in just 4 years with JR.

And in less than one hour I will have a 7th grader!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

What's going on with Emily

I could write a book! First, she's going on her 1st weekend youth trip this weekend. I'm a little nervous - but she'll be well chaperoned.

Second, the bus incident that I posted earlier. The bus driver called me last night about it. Apparently 10 kids got that "note" because that "area" of the bus was so noisy. She couldn't pick out who was and who wasn't noisy so they all go it. She promised me Emily wasn't in any trouble. But, she says she's trying to enforce a no talking policy because it gets too loud for her to concentrate. I'll leave that one up to her boss.

Third, her school is having a "50s social" Friday after shool. Emily didn't want to go plus she has to be at church at 4:30 to leave for the trip (see above). Anyway, a boy asked her to go to it, yesterday. She said she told him she had to go on a church trip. Good enough! What was so funny is she told her Grandma and made her Grandma tell me. Emily told her "momma is gonna flip." LOL I didn't - I was just concerned that she was polite to the boy.

Her daddy (which I had to tell him, LOL) said "Oh hell no." Emily told him not to worry as she isn't dating until she's 18. Gee - that's good to know! Cause I could date at 16, but 18 is ok too!

And last, I just pulled her report card off of her school website. She has 97, 97, 98, 98, 100 and 100! (consistant? LOL)
The funny part is she has all these great comments, except in 1 class - it says "talks without permission." What I don't get is if that was so important that HE put it on her report card, why hasn't she gotten a lunch detention for it? It think it's a man thing - her female teachers are probably chitchatty, too.

Oh well, I have to deal with that one, but she is such her mother's daughter. LOL I always had that on mine but from most all of my teachers.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

LOL I still stink at this!

Ok - I'm just don't have much to say. (Yeah right)

I will say I Love Emily's middle school. To all of those parents who told me it was a lot of work, it's too hard, etc. - you must just be lazy! And to think most of you don't work. Gee whiz. Get over it! Try walking in my shoes one day!

Yes, it's a lot of work, yes it can be hard but Emily has all As! So ha ha to you!

Emily loves loves loves school. She's even getting up at 5:30 to get a shower! She comes in does her homework right away - even on Fridays.

JR is doing well in 1st grade. I love his teacher, she has many years of experience which if good for JR. He's playing soccer this season. He loves sports.

Ok - maybe I'll try to keep this thing up better. But, I doubt it. LOL

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I suck at this!

Ok - I am just no good at blogging. I guess I don't have anything to say - yeah right!

Both kids are in ball. Emily in softball and JR in his last year of tball. He is the big boy on the team. Much much improved over last year where he played in the dirt all year long! He's a hitter! He's a fielder! He can throw - really far - and he can catch! Yeah JR.

Emily, on the other hand, is not a ball player. Bless her heart! She is bored. She'd rather be anywhere else. But, she chose to play so, she'll finish the season -just a few more weeks.

I'm so ready for school to be out. Not that I'll be home with them, but I'm so tired of all of the work. I'm laughing at that one! Next year for Emily will be a bitch from what I'm hearing. Can we skip 6th grade???

JR has a new teacher. His old one went out to have a baby. She now has 25 month old twins and a newborn. I didn't care much for her but I thought it was just me. Nope, not just me. I've talked to others who didn't like her either. She never smiled. Ever! JR hasn't gotten in trouble in almost 2 months since she's gone. Ok, now I know JR gets in trouble, but I haven't heard about it. His new teacher knows how to handle things better, I guess. She came out of retirement to finish out this year.

Not much else to say. Went to Alabama over spring break. Then to Six Flags on the way home. We got season passes, so we'll be going back several times this summer. Oh Joy! LOL Thank God for shows and benches. I love to watch the people! I don't love the rides so much. I could ride them all when I was younger - before I had Emily.

JR rode his 1st upside coaster at Six Flags. I was worried sick, but he met the height requirement, so off he and dh went. 2 kids on a coaster. LOL

I'll try to do better at this blogging thing, I promise.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Emily telling JR about the tooth fairy

Emily lost another tooth the other night. She knows how it really works, but when JR asked how the tooth fairy knows when someone loses a tooth this is what she told him: Every tooth has a tracking device. When a tooth falls out the tracking device calls the tooth fairy on her fairy phone to let her know which kid had which tooth come out.

Later I asked her why she didn't just say "She just knows" like I do. She told me that was too boring

A conversation with JR

JR and Emily have both decided they are going to be on American Idol when they are old enough. Last night, JR was in my bed watching it with me. The kids who were being cut were so upset and I was feeling like the over-protective mother that I am so this was our conversation:

Me: I don't think I'm going to let you go on American Idol. Those judges can be mean and I don't want you to get your feelings hurt.

JR: It's ok. They'll like me. I'm going to sing "Jesus Loves Me."

Me: (trying so hard not to snicker) You are going to sing "Jesus Loves Me?"

JR: Yeah. Oh wait. Mom, is Simon into Jesus?

Me: What?

JR: Is Simon into Jesus?

Me: I don't know.

JR: He's probably not into Jesus, since he isn't into county (music).

Me: You're probably right JR.

I think Johnny Cash and Jesus are smiling down on my boy!